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Writing a CV in Renewables

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Writing a CV in Renewables

A CV is often the first impression between yourself and a business. It helps you stand out from the crowd and impress hiring managers!

However, we know that getting it right can be harder than it seems. Jobs in renewable energy, especially now due to the increasing demand for skills and experience in the sector, are at an all-time hight. 

So, whether you’ve been in the industry for years or looking to make the big breakthrough. We have put together our tips for writing an exemplar renewable energy CV.

Evaluate your industry experience

Firstly, you must analyse your industry experience. Some industries are particularly useful in terms of giving you a head start within Renewables.

For example, if you work within Oil & Gas, you will find that many of the skills and processes you currently use are applicable to Renewables.

Similarly, if you have a background in Engineering or Construction (EPC), you should have the ability to manage large-scale infrastructure projects – ideal for the Renewable Energy sector!

Showcase your soft skills

If you find it hard to draw upon your technical experience, you might find that your soft skills are easier to highlight. Some of the key ones required within Renewables are:

  • Communication 

  • Team Working

  • Problem Solving

  • Flexibility

  • Precision to detail

If you feel that most of these are applicable to you, then you will be seen as a worthy candidate. Don’t overlook these skills as they are applicable to businesses in the renewable energy sector!

Educate yourself within Renewables

When you are applying for a new job, research is the most fundamental element to your hunt. Absorb as much knowledge as you can. Download research reports, keep up with the latest news and join relevant groups and forums.

Your research will also help you work out exactly what you want to do in Renewables. There are many different types of projects, such as fuel cell infrastructure development or battery storage to name a couple. Choose a project that most suits you! If you’re someone who prefers to be on-site every day, a Site Manager or Project Engineer role could be for you. Whereas an Energy Consultant role will see you spending more time at a desk crunching numbers.

This guide will enable you to write a renewable energy CV that will leave an eminent impression on any hiring manage. Make sure to visit our website at today to see what opportunities that we can match you with.​